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JACQUI BORN is a bicoastal actress best known for her gritty and comedic flair. Shamelessly in your face, disarmingly charming, and dark and edgy to boot, this delightfully quirky yet fiery redhead is not to be underestimated.

   "Health and fitness is really important to me - but I find the best way to create an ideal balance is to really listen to your body. If you're craving a chocolate chip cookie, eat the damn cookie. Life is too short not to enjoy it. But if you really listen to your body, you'll see you don't crave them every day."

    Jacqui balances out her indulgences with various workouts - barre, spin, circuit training, martial arts, swimming, and her latest fave - aerial yoga. "Something about being suspended like that is so freeing! It's relaxing to me. I can't wait to take a trapeze class!" Relaxing?! To each her own.


   "The key is to mix it up with WHAT you do, but be consistent about getting your workouts in. And, of course, listening to your body if you need that rest day." Jacqui has also credited various self-care techniques with helping her find that balance we all strive for, and you can stay up to date with her faves here

Jacqui has moved around a bit, living in Michigan, New Jersey, Chicago, and Houston, but no place has captured her heart quite like New York. "Although," when asked of her recent trip to LA, "I could get used to that weather!" Consequently, she plans on splitting her time between the two coasts. 


 Jacqui speaks English fluently, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish semi-fluently. "I love learning about other cultures, and I have a knack for languages so learning new ones is something I've always enjoyed. I wish I could speak every language so I could talk to everyone! But that's the great thing about acting, the ability to communicate through a performance. Some of the best moments in film and television are when no one is speaking, sometimes I'll even watch without sound."  She is currently brushing up on her high school French and American Sign Language.

A proud fur mama of a golden retriever and a bullmastiff puppy, she is a huge dog lover - and lover of huge dogs.

Jacqui loves dogs so much that she created her own show, Amuse Pouche on Instagram TV. "It's a homemade dog food and fur mama lifestyle show." If you have a dog, or wish you did, check out this show for some great tips and tricks and to get a daily dose of dog related cuteness. 


   "I'm told I look like Anna Kendrick at least once a day!" Says the actress when asked which celebrity she most resembles.


   "Which is already SUCH a huge compliment, but on top of that I'm also told I have her snarky wit. I'd love to play alongside her as a sister or cousin someday - I think it would be really great and a lot of fun to watch." #milliondollaridea anyone?


   "And Fiona (Gallagher, Shameless) is the character I feel is most reflective of who I am as a person - strong and flawed but equally stubborn and fiercely loyal. Every time I watch that show I go, 'Oh that's me...'"

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