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The dog friendly cooking show hosted by your favorite hot mess, Jacqui Born

AMUSE POUCHE is a very clever play on AMUSE BOUCHE.


For those of you that don't know, amuse-bouche is a French word for tiny, bite sized, complimentary appetizers prepared by a chef without request that literally translates to "mouth amuser." They are intended to please the guest with a pleasant and tasty surprise while they wait for their ordered food. Think of it as a little treat before your meal.

With Amuse Pouche I hope to provide small bite sized treats in the form of amusing entertainment for dog lovers and fans of cooking as well. Any other scraps of info like safe people foods for dogs to eat, training tips, my whole lovable hot mess vibe - those treats are on the house.


Below find the premiere episode of Amuse Pouche, a special extended episode that you can also find RIGHT HERE!

To keep watching, be sure to follow @amusepouche on Instagram as all future episodes will be on Instagram TV! 

Amuse Pouche

Amuse Pouche

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